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Membership Benefits

New Membership:

Annual membership is $34.95 with a one time initial enrollment fee of $14.95.

Features and Benefits
Membership offers many benefits to take advantage of:

The Rx InfoCard Seven Points of Information.

  • Identifies you as the card holder
  • Lists your primary Doctor and contact information
  • Lists your current prescription information
  • Identifies any over the counter medication you take regularly
  • Clearly identifies medication you are allergic to
  • Identifies any implanted devices
  • Indicates when all this information was last updated

Rx InfoCard lists your perscription medications

Peace of Mind
Carrying the card gives you peace of mind knowing that in any emergency, whether you are coherent or not, you have the ability to communicate critical information.

Keeps You Organized
The care enables you to always have your latest prescription information neatly organized to refer to in any situation.

Unlimited Updates
As your long term prescription regimen changes, membership allows you to update this information as many times and as often as necessary. Once we are notified of changes, your new card will be updated, printed and sent to you.

Easy Access to Your Information
Your information is kept secure and is available to you 24 hours a day for easy access. This allows you to modify and update any of your information at any time.

Duplicate Cards
As a member, you have the option of obtaining a duplicate card for a caregiver, family member or friend. YES, every time your card is updated, your duplicate card is automatically updated as well.

Additional Services
We are working to offer additional services that will be available to our members.

protect yourself
communicate critical information

peace of mind for you and your family

Adverse drug reactions could kill you

  • 2 million serious injures/year
  • 100,000 deaths each year
  • Most incidents are PREVENTABLE!

Carry the Rx InfoCard - It could save your life

Rx InfoCard Members
  • "This card is indispensable. All of my Doctor's LOVE it!" - Mary, Massachusetts
  • "This card caught a potential drug interaction. I will never be without it!" - David, Maine

Carry the Rx InfoCard - It could save your life